Who We Are

Welcome to our blog!

Met on a school bus back in 2009 and now here we are, working on our project together. That’s us, Firdaus and Snetha, two Dubai-based lasses. We may have similar interests like our love for tennis and pizzas with pineapples, but we have one difference, Firdaus loves clicking pictures, whereas I love being in them. The perfect combination, don’t you think? 😉

Firi, always bustling with the most creative and sometimes outrageous ideas, we’d like to display the same through her photography and as for me, I’ve always been inclined to everything clothes and fashion and hope to make my very own designs in the near future. Not as a career, for now, but just out of passion.

So here you’ll see titbits of our lives, who we are, what we are up to and so forth!

Well, we’re off then. Do follow our blog and we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions too!