Fashion Forward Dubai – Season 10


Fashion is another one of those terms that’s synonymous with Dubai and this weekend was the 10th Season of Fashion Forward Dubai, hosted at the Dubai Design District. Being my first time at the event, I was super excited and it was truly an amazing experience to witness designers from Lara Khoury to Anna K, the international guest designer at the event.

Fashion Forward Dubai not only creates a platform for designers based in the Middle East, there are also Fashion Talks featuring experts in the Fashion Industry, exhibitions, displays ranging from high fashion to daily wear, etc that are held at the 3 day event. To know more, you can check out their website here.


Being a fashion event, I decided to experiment with the pieces I have in my closet and the ultimate result of the challenge was this look!

I wore a navy blue blazer and paired it up with my shorts, also navy blue. One is from M&S and the latter from H&M. The white top is from Forever 21. To bring a pop of colour to the classic hues, I carried around this bold vermilion hand bag from Charles & Keith.

I decided on kitten heels because I knew I’d have a lot of walking around to do and didn’t want to compromise on comfort. The heels are from Clarks and are so comfortable, don’t even get me started! Also, this is Dubai we are talking about, so a pair of sunnies are essential. The one’s I’ve got here are from Fendi.


Let me know what you think about this outfit and how you would have styled it differently. Eager to know! πŸ™‚

Author: Snetha Elizabeth Mathew

Snetha here and welcome to our blog! By day I am a signage contractor working in the hot hot sun, suited up in safety gear, helmet, boots, vest. But by night, and the weekends, I explore Dubai and create content for you guys! I was a tomboy till a certain age and then surprisingly, thanks to my big brother, I turned over a new leaf. Funny right? Now all I think about is clothes and how I can come up with new patterns, designs and how to style them up! Enough about me now and enjoy what we've put out there for you. <3

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