When East Meets West

Spice up your outfit with this bright and popping koti!


Here’s a fusion look with a lovely embroidered Aangan of Kutch jacket giving a traditional yet trendy look. Typically worn with kurtas, I mixed things up and wore it along with a plain white full-sleeved shirt and blue skinny jeans to give a casual look. I chose to go with sandals but heels would go well too.

I got this stunning Kutch and Phulkari patterned jacket from Ethnicity (Cochin branch). I chose a radiant yellow color, however, the store has other color options like red, magenta, blue, etc. and it comes in various designs in terms of pattern, neckline and the torso length. The one I am wearing has a mandarin type collar. If you prefer a V-neck or the simple rounded one without a collar, adding a statement necklace to your outfit would be perfect idea!


You could also style the jacket with the shirt tucked in! Whether high-waisted jeans or low-waisted, doesn’t matter!


Hope you liked this outfit and let us know what you think about this look!

Author: Snetha Elizabeth Mathew

Snetha here and welcome to our blog! By day I am a signage contractor working in the hot hot sun, suited up in safety gear, helmet, boots, vest. But by night, and the weekends, I explore Dubai and create content for you guys! I was a tomboy till a certain age and then surprisingly, thanks to my big brother, I turned over a new leaf. Funny right? Now all I think about is clothes and how I can come up with new patterns, designs and how to style them up! Enough about me now and enjoy what we've put out there for you. <3

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