Edgy Floral

Floral is everything. I mean, just check out the embroidery work on this one!

Also from SHEIN (well of course), this piece is a skater dress with a embroidered mesh overlay and it makes perfect for a party outfit. What I love most about the dress is the back which is mesh work entirely.

Although the dress is all fun and flirty, I paired it up with leather boots, which gives it a rocker-chic vibe. For the chillier days, a cropped leather jacket would be a well suited addition to the look.

I usually opt for A-line or skater dresses/skirts since they help drive away attention from my wide hips as they are narrower at the waist and flare on its way down till around your knee. Empirical or high-waist outfits too help do the same.




That’s it about the look and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Do let me know how you would style this fabulous dress!

Β SheIn -Your Online Fashion Blouses

Author: Snetha Elizabeth Mathew

Snetha here and welcome to our blog! By day I am a signage contractor working in the hot hot sun, suited up in safety gear, helmet, boots, vest. But by night, and the weekends, I explore Dubai and create content for you guys! I was a tomboy till a certain age and then surprisingly, thanks to my big brother, I turned over a new leaf. Funny right? Now all I think about is clothes and how I can come up with new patterns, designs and how to style them up! Enough about me now and enjoy what we've put out there for you. <3

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