Weekend Brunchin’

It's August already? This is how I keep it cool in the scorching summer without compromising on style.

We have reached the hottest month of the year in Dubai and somehow, even after 18 years, the heat always comes to me as a surprise. I just never get used to it!

There is just so much to explore in Dubai that you just have to step out, even if the sun is scorching hot, which is why I have put together this outfit that is both comfortable yet trendy and perfect for a Friday (or Sunday, in other parts of the world) brunch!


Off-the-shoulders are a must-have! I absolutely love them. I never really wear sleeveless tops or dress, so off-the-shoulder tops and dress are my go-to. This Bardot dress from SHEIN is really lightweight and the material doesn’t feel too harsh against the skin in this humidity. The bow at the neckline is adjustable and gives the dress that little extra touch.

With dress, I chose to wear my wedges. If you’re not comfortable with heels you can always opt for any strappy sandals of your choice.

The brown faux leather sling bag is from SHEIN as well and the round sunglasses, Fendi. I wanted to keep the outfit simple which is why I chose not to accessorise.


I hope you guys enjoyed this look and I would love to hear what you think about it. You’re comments and suggestions are most welcome!


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